Episode 62: God’s Not Dead 3 and The Righteous Gemstones


THE END IS NOW UPON US! At least for the podcast in this medium.  After nine years of audio podcasts, Mike and I are going to make the jump to video reviews.  We aren’t leaving, just changing form.  So in the meantime we hope you enjoy this last podcast, in which we do what we said we would never do. We review the third and hopefully last movie in the “God’s Not Dead” franchise. Then we take a look at the HBO series The Righteous Gemstones.  See you on the other side!

Episode 60: First Reformed


Hello! It’s been a while, and I know you’ve missed us.  We review a quality movie and TV show for you toady, to make up for the long absence. We have acclaimed indie film First Reformed and hit CBS show “God Friended Me.”

Look for some more exciting news in the future, we have big plans for the next step of the podcast.

Episode 59: The Nun Special

Nuns are fascinating. Through the years, so many movies and TV shows have drawn inspiration from their lives, from the sublime (The Nun’s Story) to the ridiculous (“The Flying Nun”).  Our selections fall widely along that spectrum but, all of them are recent, having been released in that last few years.  First up, is the comedy The Little Hours and the drama Novitiate. We follow those movies with the melodramatic BBC show “Call the Midwife” and the Netflix true-crime docu-series “The Keepers.”

The Decameron

Novitiate Catholic News review

Novitiate IMDb reviews

Priest’s DNA Not A Match

We look at more recently released media next month, with the new Ethan Hawk effort First Reformed and the popular CBS series “God Friended Me”

Episode 54: 2017 Review & 2018 Preview

IMG_20180318_190940.jpgDo you ever experience what I call the “Moebius Strip of Conversation?” I experience it quite often.  It is where one starts a conversation on one subject, and then through the natural process of carrying on a rambling conversation, one comes through the twists and turns of that palaver to the same subject. We do that here in our review of last year and what we look forward to this year.

Next time we return to our regular format, going back to the old Steven Martin vehicle Leap of Faith. Keeping with the theme we will look at variety of local and national televangelist shows to see where they are in the current day and age.

Episode 53: The Case For Christ

IMG_20180318_185821.jpgFaith based movies are getting better, both in production values and the quality of the end product.  But does The Case for Christ live up to these expectaions? And why doesn’t “Kevin (Probably) Saves the World”? have any buzz?  We attempt to answer these questions and moree in this episode.

The Case for Christ official website

The Case for Christ (2017) – IMDb

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World – Wikipedia

‘Kevin (Probably) Saves the World’ Renewed or Cancelled for Season 2 TVLINE

Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (TV Series 2017– ) – IMDb

Next episode will be our Easter Special, 2017 in review and a 2018 preview. Thanks once again for listening!

Episode 50: Triple-ation-Christ-ploitation-stravaganza

50_-_Front_Cover.jpgThis is our 50th episode! We’ve been podcasting for 6 years! We’re releasing this episode on the 4th of July! And we have 7 Christploitation movies watched and reviewed in this episode! It’s a triple celebration, Christ-ploitation, extravaganza! (Triple-ation-Christ-ploitation-stravaganza!!!)

As you can tell, I like to make up words and use exclamation points, but Mike and I are very excited about today’s episode. We give our reviews on a slew of Christian faith based films. They include:

God’s Not Dead 2

Do You Beleive?

Joseph and Mary

The Young Messiah

Christian Mingle

Miracles from Heaven


Then we do a quick update of all the TV shows we have done in our 6 year history. I mean real quick, this is not a 2 hour podcast, I promise!

Next episode is going to be another special one. We are reviewing a new movie by independent filmmaker Joshua Gippin titled The Chosen People? A Film About Jewish Identity. I had the opportunity to be a part of this film and we got to see a sneak preview. The film will soon be in the film festival circuit so you might be able to catch it there. Then in TV Corner we are looking at the new Starz show “American Gods” based on the book by Neil Gaiman. Be warned, this show is not for the easily offended.

So, thank you for listening and we’ll do this again at episode 100!

Episode 48: Last Days in the Desert


Welcome, to what has inadvertently become a bimonthly podcast. The Bible tells us that Jesus spent forty days in the desert fasting, and at the end of those days he was tempted by the devil. Did you ever wonder what happened on the other 39 days? Well, you can keep wondering, because you will not find a satisfactory answer in the Ewan McGreggor vehicle Last Days in the Desert. After Mike and I give our review on that film (with, naturally, a tangent into the artistic quality of the Star Wars Special Editions), we review the funny but now defunct TV Land show “Impastor.”

Next time we will dive into Scorcese’s new and misunderstood movie Silence starring Andrew Garfield, Liam Neeson and Adam Driver. (Expect more Star Wars tangents, it’s a safe bet.) And in TV Corner we review the recent HBO series “The Young Pope” staring Jude Law, Diane Keaton, and James Cromwell.

The Young Pope trailer in IMDB

Silence trailer on YouTube

Episode 47: Defending Your Life

IMG_20170120_233815.jpgWelcome back to the podcast after our holiday break. Back at the begining of the season, our Thanksgiving weekend, Michael and I gave our thoughts about the classic comedy Defending Your Life by Albert Brooks and the new NBC somedy about “The Good Life.”  Both are very similar in concept, exploring and sending up our notions of the afterlife. If you want to know if they are similar in quality, just listen to the episode.

Next time we review the indie movie Last days in the Desert and the recently cancelled TV Land show “Impastor.” See you next month!

PS Get ready for our 50th Episode coming up soon. We have something special in store for you!

Episode 46: Spotlight

img_20161106_193155Hello faithful listeners! We recently completed our Star Wars Trilogy, this episode rounds out another trilogy of sorts on the podcast.  We have previously reviewed Doubt and Calvary, and this episode covers the Oscar winner for best picture, Spotlight.

Christopher Marlowe Officially Credited As Co-Author Of 3 Shakespeare Plays

George Lucas In Love (1999) (Short Film) on Vimeo

The Resurrection of Gavin Stone

The Boston Globe– The Story Behind the “Spotlight” Movie

(Contains links to the original exposé)

Was The First Season Of ‘Preacher’ Even Necessary? -Uproxx

BBC – Rev.

Shaun Of TheDead / Hot Fuzz / The World’s End (Blood And Ice Cream Trilogy) [Blu-ray]

Next time we delve into laughs in the afterlife in the old movie Defending Your Life, and the new TV show “The Good Place.”  See you on the other side!

PS Yes, that is me cosplaying as Jesse Custer, the Preacher.

Episode Thirty Seven: Retro Episode-Oh God! and Highway to Heaven

retro-font-01.jpgSeason Greetings! We hope you are all well this Christmas Eve. This episode has been delayed not because of poor health of your hosts (which has happened in the past), but because of the failing health of the laptop used to produce this podcast.  The issues seem to have been resolved, and so you get this present from Mike and Robert so you can listen to us express our opinions as you are on your way to various worship services and family get-togethers.

On our next episode we will be tempting fate once again by reviewing the just released religious epicExodus: Gods and Kings and the Hanna-Barbera children’s series “The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible.” We have already seen the movie which is currently in theaters, and the show is available on YouTube and DVD. As they say in the year 3001, Merry Xmas!