Episode Zero

Robert here.  This is a special preview of the Checking the Gate Podcast, Episode Zero.

This episode was a test and not originally meant for anyone’s ears save our own, but it was so much fun we thought we would throw it up as a preview for a limited time.   If you love Doctor Who (and who doesn’t?!) then you will enjoy this little tid bit o’ fun.  Mike wasn’t feeling well when we went to record our first episode, so we decided to simply test out all the gear by talking briefly about our favorite show, Doctor Who.  It was a good thing too, for there are a few glitches in Mike’s mic.  We’ll have it sorted by the time of the premier.  Our first real episode will be about Avatar and some of the spiritual issues it raises; rather than speculate on the made up Na’vi religion, we will look at some of the secular ideals that the human characters display.  So re-watch Avatar and join us in a few weeks if you want to hear more of what Mike and I have to say.  See you then!