Episode Nineteen: Fireproof

Welcome to this special Thanksgiving Day release of Checking the Gate that reviews a few of the films by Kirk Cameron. Mike has been waiting to watch “Fireproof” and “Left Behind” for a long time and is proud to present this episode to you. We also talk about the Jeff Foxworthy hosted game show “American Bible Challenge.” So after you chow down on the turkey , ham, and sweet potatoes and before you hit the couch for that calorie induced coma, watch one of these movies with the family and give us a listen. But first I, Robert must apologize for the delay in this month’s episode.  Usually, I try to release these on the first Friday of every month but at the end of October I had emergency laser surgery on my eye for a torn retina.  I’m okay now, just really behind on the podcast schedule! So without further adieu, here are Mike  and my thoughts on some of the burgeoning Christian film industry’s most well known contributions.



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December brings us back to Christmastime, and in that spirit we will be watching the classic “It’s a Wonderful Life” and (if we can get a hold of any copy of it) the old TV show ‘Highway to Heaven.”  The show is hard to find and only the first three seasons were released on DVD.  If we make any changes we will update you on Twitter and Facebook.  Thanks for listening!

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