Episode Five: Doubt

Hello loyal listeners! In this episode of Checking the Gate: A Film and Religion Podcast we take a serious look at the provocative and relevant movie “Doubt.” While we chose this movie in an effort to avoid getting a reputation of focusing totally on the sci-fi genre, we do have a segment in the beginning of the episode that helps to defend our take on the film and religion subject so far. In the TV Corner we revert back to our old ways and evaluate an episode of “Babylon 5.” Here is a link to excepts of the Pope’s letter which we refer to in the show,

BBC News – Pope Benedict apologises for Irish priests' sex abuse (sic)

and if you want to watch the video we play at the beginning, you can do so here:

Religious People Are Nerds – CollegeHumor Video

Next time we will look at the film “Easy A” and the TV series “Firefly,” specifically the character of Shepherd Book. Remember, you can always send us an email at ctgpodcast@yahoo.com, Facebook us at Checking the Gate Podcast, and Twitter us @CTGPodcast.

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