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Here are some links that help inspire us, some are on film, some on religion, some podcasts that inspired us, and some just for fun.


The Digital Bits Up to date news on all upcoming DVD and Blu-Ray releases. A reliable source for news on yet to be released movies.


The Immanent Frame This very academic website observes the phenomenon of secularism and religion as they deal with each other in the public square. The main thesis of Checking the Gate examines how this interaction plays out in film.

Singing Church Another new blog by my professor and adviser, Dr. Peter Slade. Listen to his album, it’s awesome.


Secrets of…SQPN Podcasts These podcasts give a Catholic perspective on popular film like Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings.

SciFiGuys This is an often explicit, yet always entertaining podcast from a group of regular guys in England. Each episode features an excellent interview with an A-list sci-fi movie or television personality and also loads of ranting. They cover TV, movies, books, games, comics and even personal hygiene products!

Kaijucast A podcast dedicated to Godzilla and all his rubber suited foes. Give this a listen when Checking the Gate covers Japanese movies.


Sharing is caring!