Episode Twelve – Easter-avaganza!

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Happy Easter and Passover to everyone!  Sorry about the change of plans this month, but I felt it appropriate to adhere to Mike’s advice to switch from replicants to something seasonably relevant.  The result is our Easter-avaganza in which we watch “The Last Temptation of Christ” and “The Passion of the Christ.”  Keeping with the resurrection theme (you know how we love themes!)  we then turn our attention to the recently concluded second season of “The Walking Dead.”  Here are some of the references we make if you want read some further research.

IMDB The Last Temptation

IMDB Passion

RT The Last temptation

RT Passion

Criterion’s Last Temptation page

Many Churches Look to “Passion” as evangelism tool

Film Prompts Murder Confession

Mel Gibson’s Bad Remarks

Next time we will keep it comedic, looking at the movie “The Ten” starring Paul Rudd, available on Netflix streaming, and “The Simpsons” in the TV Corner. Also, for our one year anniversary we will reminisce a bit a play some of our bloopers.  I promise we will come back to Metropolis and Caprica in a few months; like the Cylons we have a plan!

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