Episode Thirty-Three:Noah

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Noah movie posterGreetings! SPOILER ALERT! If you have not seen the movie Noah starring Russel Crowe, be warned that this podcast contains many plot spoilers.  But as the plot points in this movie were all by the book cliches, they will come as no surprise to you, even if you have not seen the film.  In fact, don’t go to see this movie; it’s not very good.  Just listen to Robert and Mike relate to you their experience of watching this movie, and count yourself lucky that you did not waste your money at the theater.  If you think we are being to harsh, here are some other opinions:

Next Month we will be reviewing Disney’s new epic hit Frozen and ABC’s short series “Ressurection.” You can find the former on DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital, while you can still catch the latter online at Hulu Plus or ABC’s website. See you then!

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