Episode Thirty-Four: Frozen

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Hello, faithful listeners! This episode is coming to you on the eve of my (Robert’s) very first short term mission trip, a week in Costa Rica spreading the good news of Jesus.  While I am there, Mike and I hope you enjoy our discussion on Disney’s Frozen and ABC’s “Resurrection.”  When I get back I’ll update this post with all of the links and cool stuff that came up during our talk.  In the meantime, our next episode will be another double feature: Rapture-palooza and This is the End, as well as “The Leftovers” in TV Corner. We will come back at you in July with our thoughts on last summer’s apocaElsalyptic craziness. ¡Hasta luego!

UPDATE!  Here are some of the links we talked about in this episode.

Disney’s Official Frozen Page

The Gospel According to Disney’s Frozen

How Christian is Disney’s Frozen? (Not Very)

How Gay is Disney’s Frozen?

Official Resurrection Page


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