Episode Four: Dune

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Salutations, loyal listeners!  Sorry about the delay in July’s episode (as it is already August); grown up stuff got in the way of fun stuff but here we are again.  Our thoughts on “Dune” and “Futurama” appear somewhere in between our riotous laughter, but we promise those thoughts are profound. So put on your stillsuits Fremen style and get ready for Episode Four of the Checking the Gate Podcast. To begin, we have a follow-up to our “Thor” episode and some thoughts from a follower of the Asatru religion, that is, the religion that worships the Norse gods.  Special thanks go to Mark Ludwig Stinson.

Remember, if you want to contact us with your own thoughts, send us an email at ctgpodcast@yahoo.com, Facebook us at Checking the Gate Podcast, and Twitter us @CTGPodcast.  Next month’s episode will focus on the award winning movie “Doubt,” starring Meryl Streep, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Amy Adams, and Viola Davis.  Our TV Corner will be on one episode of the show “Babylon 5” entitled “Passing Through Gethsemane.”  Both are available on DVD from Blockbuster, Netflix, Amazon, or your local library.


Temple of our Heathen Gods

Linda Hunt on CNBC.com

Dune-Behind the Scenes

Flying Space Underwear

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