Episode Forty: Calvary

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sept2015Hello faithful listeners! Sexual abuse in the church is a serious issue which continues to persist. There are no easy resolutions. Even so, it seems as if the church is slow to satisfactorily work towards ending these despicable crimes, slow in punishing those who perpetrate them, and also in preventing them from happening in the future. This month’s film, Calvary, shines a light into the dark heart of this problem. While this movie focuses on a negative event that the Catholic Church is dealing with right now, our TV Corner looks at the positive aspects of a prominent Catholic family on the CBS procedural show “Blue Bloods”
Next month, we look at the film we told you not to watch, Left Behind (2014) starring Nicholas Cage. And in TV Corner we will examine the new Amazon series “Hand of God.” After that, we are going to close out the year with a three episode series covering the religious and mythological aspects of The Star Wars Saga, culminating with a review of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It will be our Star Wars trilogy, if you will.
Finally, a quick note about the sporadic nature of our podcast in the last year. Mike and I had various health issues and family tragedies hinder us; I (Robert) had to have eye surgery to correct a detached retina this summer. We are both feeling fit and eager to get back on schedule and will endeavor to stay on target going into 2016. Blessings!

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