Episode Eleven- Blade Runner (Updated)

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Greetings!  On this episode we wax philosophic as we delve into the worlds of “Blade Runner” and “Battlestar Galactica.”  We ponder the meaning of death and the spiritual ramifications of mass producing synthetic humans.  Incidentally, we also get a double dose of Edward James Olmos!  Along the way we mention these spectacular websites and references.

Aiden 5 Web Series

Down & Nerdy Blog

Blade Runner

Ford in Blade Runner 2?

Ford NOT in Blade Runner 2

SQPN Battlestar Podcast

Although we didn’t mention this quote in the podcast, it is fun to see where this line came from.  In the commentary for “Blade Runner” the screenwriter mentions that this line was put in at a special request from the director.

America: A Prophecy

Next time we will continue with the replicant theme by watching the newly reconstructed Fritz Lang masterpiece “The Complete Metropolis.”  DO NOT settle for any dollar store public domain release.  Get the DVD or Blu-Ray released by Kino International or stream it on Netflix, search for Metropolis Restored.  You’ll be glad you did.  And in the TV Corner we are going to examine the short lived BSG prequel series “Caprica” available on Blu-Ray, DVD, and the entire series can also be streamed on Netflix.

(Update) Mike pointed out that I totally missed out on Easter when proposing show topics… so, change of plan! In honor of Easter we are talking about resurrection: Last Temptation of Christ, Passion of the Christ & Walking Dead.   Episode will be posted on Good Friday, April 6.

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