Episode Thirty-Two: Les Misérables

LesMisBonjour! In this months episode, Mike and Robert turn their critical eye to the award winning Les Misérables starring Hugh Jackman and Russell Crowe.  That’s right–it’s Wolverine vs. Jor-El in this musical set during France’s Student Revolution.  In TV corner we examine the British ITV production of “The Second Coming” with Ninth Doctor Christopher Eccleston.

Les Misérables (2012) – IMDb

The Second Coming (TV Mini-Series 2003) – IMDb

Zoidberg Goes Pop

For next month, we want to try something different.

You are invited to a Movie and Dinner

“Checking the Gate” wants a date with you! With the upcoming release of Darren Aronofsky’s Noah, Mike and Robert of “Checking the Gate: A Film and Religion Podcast” would like to gather their friends and listeners for an evening of film, food and discussion. The idea is to view the film together, then share a meal at nearby restaurant to talk about it and also record this discussion for the podcast. Here is what we have planned so far; it is still early, so times are subject to change.

Movie: Noah (138 min) PG-13

When: Saturday, April 5, approx. 3:50 PM (showtime may change).

Where: Regal Montrose Movies 4020 Medina Road, Akron, OH 44333


Dinner and Discussion: Chili’s

When: Immediately after movie, approx.. 6:30 PM depending on showtime.

Where: 4022 Medina Rd., Akron, OH

Please RSVP on our Facebook page or by e-mail at ctgpodcast@yahoo.com. Each person is responsible for their own ticket and meal.

The first ten people who RSVP will get $5 off of their meal courtesy of Checking the Gate Podcast! Hope to see you at the movies!

Episode Twenty-Nine: Joyeux Noel and Veggie Tales

veggietales_with_boxesHappy Boxing Day! This special holiday edition of Checking the Gate brings you reviews of the foreign feature Joyeux Noel and the family series “Veggie Tales” Now that all the presents have been wrapped, given, unwrapped, and then played with, eaten, drank, watched, broken, or returned, you can sit back and relax with Mike and Robert.

The Ang Lee film Life of Pi is up for next month, as is an examination of “Doctor Who” for its portrayal of religion in the show as well as the religious devotion of its fans. So until then, ¡Feliz Navidad!

Episode Twenty-Seven: The Godfather and the Bible

GodfatherandJesusFinally! The cursed episode is finally completed and released! After many delays in recording due to various health problems for both Mike and Robert, then more delays after half the audio recorded was rendered unusable due to computer malfunctions, we at last present to you this episode on The Godfather Series and “The Bible: The Epic Miniseries.” We think we have some keen insights that you will surely enjoy.
The Godfather (1972) – IMDb
The Bible Series « 100+ Million Watched #1 TV Series of 2013 The Bible Series
Obama Satan Look-Alike? ‘The Bible’ Mini-Series Producers Call Rumors ‘Utter Nonsense’ (VIDEO)
Please forgive us for the long break; we promise that the next episode is already in the can and will be released at the beginning of November. We are going to talk (have already talked?) about the Vin Diesel vehicles Pitch Black and The Chronicles of Riddick. What do these have to do with religion? Well, just enough for us to talk about. See you soon!

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Episode Twenty-Three: Life of Brian


life-of-brianOnce again it is Easter time, and here at CTGPodcast we are celebrating by watching what we think should be required viewing for all mature Christians: Monty Python’s Life of Brian. In TV Corner we begin discussing the merits of the show “Monty Python’s Flying Circus” but somehow end up debating the cost of pledging devotion to Vin Diesel.  “Huh?” you might say to yourself; just listen.

Monty Python’s Life of Brian – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Monty Python’s Flying Circus – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Friday Night, Saturday Morning – Monty Python’s Life of Brian – YouTube

Next month, we have another theme show in which review the movie Contact and in TV Corner the meme source “Ancient Aliens.”  Be sure to listen in on our mobile site at http://ctgpodcast.podbean.com/mobile/  He is Risen!

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Special Announcement

Hello folks!  I know you guys were expecting a full podcast but things are still a little crazy from the holiday busy-ness.  We will still be giving you a podcast covering Stargate and Stargate SG-1, only it will be arriving in the beginning of February.  In the meantime, Mike and I have some exciting news to share so download this brief segment for the big announcement. Also, here are some interesting websites Mike and I have dug up to satiate you film and religion desires.

The Superhero Delusion: How Superhero Movies created the Sad Perfect Badass Messiah, and what that says about America | PopWatch | EW.com

Jedis And Pastafarians: Real Religion Or Just A Joke?

Avengers – Meeting God – MEME, Funny Pictures and LOL

Big Mike’s Everything Emporium – YouTube

See you next month!

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Episode Eighteen: The Exorcist and Constantine

Welcome to the Halloween episode of Checking the Gate, where we examine the religious veracity of the classic horror movie “The Exorcist” and the more recent (and not so classic) “Constantine.”  We look at the fictions put forth in these movies, the former based on a novel and the latter based on graphic novels, to see if they line up with reality.  We have a lot of laughs along the way!


The Exorcist (1973) – IMDb

Constantine (2005) – IMDb


Removing Demonic Oppression | Leadership Journal


Next month we will have a Kirk Cameron Special!  We will watch the movie “Fireproof” and also mention the film “Left Behind.”  In TV Corner we will discuss the merits of the new game show “The American Bible Challenge” hosted by Jeff Foxworthy on the Game Show Network. See you in a few weeks!

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Episode Seventeen-Planet of the Apes

“A planet where apes evolve from men?”  This and other mind boggling questions are tackled in this month’s epic podcast on the “Planet of the Apes” series of movies.  In our TV/Book corner we review Stephen King’s post-apocalyptic spiritual spectacular: The Stand. We have not had as much fun recording since our “Dune” episode, and we hope you enjoy it too.  As always, here are some links for further study.

Planet of the Apes: The Forbidden Zone

*Planet of the Apes* as American Myth: Race, Politics, and Popular Culture – Eric Greene – Google Books

The Stand – Stephen King – Google Books

OverDrive – Global distributor of digital eBooks, audiobooks, music & video for library, school & retail


Next show is in October which is Halloween time.  So, in honor of this ancient holiday we will be watching two movies: “The Exorcist” and “Constantine;” both are different takes on the Catholic-inspired horror genre and should make for some interesting comparison. See you all then!

Update: Since we recorded this episode, one of the stars of the 2001 “Planet of the Apes,” Micheal Clarke Duncan, has passed away at the age of 54 due to natural causes following a heart attack.  Our thoughts and prayers are for his family, friends, and fans.  All of us will miss him.

Michael Clarke Duncan Dead at 54 | Fox News Latino

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Episode Sixteen – Metropolis

Welcome to episode sixteen, on  Lang’s classic Metropolis and the short lived Caprica, of Checking the Gate: A Film and Religion Podcast.  As you may remember, we delayed this episode to focus on Christ centered movies for Easter earlier in the year.  At last, we are able to turn our attention to the Medieval religious imagery in an an Expressionist film, to the ethics of cheating death and playing God, and to lamenting unfulfilled promises.  Here are some links for those of keen interest.


The Complete Metropolis – Kino Lorber Home Video

Japanese Visual Culture: Explorations in the World of Manga and Anime – Mark Wheeler MacWilliams – Google Books

Caprica | Syfy

FOX Broadcasting Company – Fringe TV Show – Fringe TV Series – Fringe Episode Guide

Septembers episode is going to cover another classic sci-fi piece, the original “Planet of the Apes.”  We will most likely touch on the sequel ”Beneath the Planet of the Apes” and the 2001 remake, but the later two are not required viewing.  We will also be discussing the book/miniseries of Stephen King’s The Stand, as TV Corner slowly morphs into Book Corner.  Until then remember, the mediator of the hed and the hands must be the heart…so say we all!

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Episode Fifteen – Prometheus

Greetings!  For the last month since Prometheus was released, the whole internet community has been scratching their heads, asking questions, and submitting theories over Ridley Scott’s latest cinematic journey.  We join in the fervor with our latest episode as we look at some of the popular theories and give you some of our own. As always we try to hone in on the religious subtext.   Space Jesus, Xenomorph worshipers, the mystery of Creation–we look at it all.  Plus, we add in some extra dialogue from our episode on Paul to add to the creation conversation.  Here are the links we refer to during the show.

Prometheus Hard Core Review – Part 1 Massive Dissection – SPOILERS -by comicbookgirl19

cavalorn: Prometheus Unbound: What The Movie Was Actually About

Prometheus Will Retcon AVP! « furiousfanboys.com



Next time we will (finally) do a show we planned several months ago, but postponed for our Easter episode.  We are going to check out the original “Metropolis,” and in the TV Corner, “Caprica.”  Both can be found on Netflix, DVD, and Blu-Ray.

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Episode Fourteen – Kingdom of Heaven

Welcome to Episode 14 of CTGPodcast on Ridley Scott’s “Kingdom of Heaven.”  Mike and I are eagerly anticipating the release of Scott’s new movie “Prometheus,” so we decided to take another look at his epic of the Third Crusade.  We also have some fun extras that we cut from older episodes for time or for being tangential.

Prometheus – Movie Trailers – iTunes

Kingdom of Heaven (2005) – IMDb

The Third Crusade – Middle Ages


Timber Framers Guild: Nova/WGBH Trebuchet Project

The Babble On Project – GeekPlanetOnline.com

Given the super secret nature of the “Prometheus” marketing campaign, it is hard to tell how much theological issues will be touched on in the film, although early interviews and more recent reviews seem to suggest it is more than worthy for our podcast. Though we are tentatively planning on reviewing this movie next month, we are going to err on the side of caution.  Watch this website, our Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/CTGPodcast), or our Twitter feed (twitter.com/CTGPodcast) for any updates.

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