Episode 58: Fred Rogers Special – Won’t You Be My Neighbor?


What was Fred Rogers most scandelous secret? The docudrama at the heart of today’s podcast, Won’t You Be My Neighbor?, delves into this provocative question and other details from Fred Rogers’ life.  (Apparently, the most scandelous thing he did was give a generation a sense of entitlement because he taught them that everyone was special!) We also take a trip down memory lane and recall some of our favorite episodes of “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood,” of which many episode can be found streaming on Amazon Prime. The movie is now available for streaming and on Blu-Ray or DVD.

Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood Episode Guide

Mister Rogers’ Nieghborhood on Amazon Prime

Won’t You Be My Neighbor? Official Site

Seeing that the new horror film The Nun is in theaters, we decided NOT to review that movie.  Insead we will look at some other movies about sisters of faith, including the 2017 film Noviciate and the comedy The Little Hours.  Carrying on the theme in TV corner, we’ll look at the British show “Call the Midwife” and the Netflix original “The Keepers.” So come back next time, you’ll have thing you’ll want to talk about. We…will…too!

Episode 54: 2017 Review & 2018 Preview

IMG_20180318_190940.jpgDo you ever experience what I call the “Moebius Strip of Conversation?” I experience it quite often.  It is where one starts a conversation on one subject, and then through the natural process of carrying on a rambling conversation, one comes through the twists and turns of that palaver to the same subject. We do that here in our review of last year and what we look forward to this year.

Next time we return to our regular format, going back to the old Steven Martin vehicle Leap of Faith. Keeping with the theme we will look at variety of local and national televangelist shows to see where they are in the current day and age.

Episode Thirty-Eight: Exodus: Gods and Kings

Happy New Year! In December, Mike and I had the chance to see Exodus: Gods and Kings, and thought “Hey, we’ve done three episodes over Ridley Scott movies, how about one more?” Is it the next Gladiator or more likeAmerican Psycho? Listen to our review to find out.  In TV Corner we check out “The Greatest Adventure: Stories from the Bible” at the suggestion of one of the friends of the podcast.

Next time we will watch the faith based God’s Not Dead and the reality show “Preachers of L.A.” Until then…