Episode Nine: Indiana Jones

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Happy Holidays to everyone!  Our gift to you this year is a super-sized, double length episode.  So much has happened this December that we had to get our two cents in all of it.  We have our regular movie and TV reviews on Indiana Jones and “A Charlie Brown Christmas” along with some additional discussion on a commercial and an SNL skit.  Further information can be found at these links:

Prometheus – Movie Trailers – iTunes

Indiana Jones Trivia

Siva Lingam

The Feckless Faith of Indiana Jones

The Truth Behind the Crystal Skulls

Red Letter Media-IJATKOTCS

BELIEVE!…In what??

Rick Perry -Strong

Pat Robertson Blasts Tim Tebow SNL Sketch

Bill Maher’s Tebow tweet sparks Twitter war

Guster – Stay With Me Jesus

Episode Ten will cover the alien comedy “Paul” and TV Corner will continue the theme with “X-Files.”  Watch me get on my soapbox as we get into the Creation vs. Evolution debate.  My stance on the subject will probably surprise you! Until then Happy X-mas/Hanukkah/Ramadan/Quanza/Solstice/Festivus/Life Day!

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